There’s a reason why our Bachelorette Party experience is one of our most popular outings!

1. The Pedal Party can host you and your entire wedding party!
2. Your outfits and decor will be on showcase parading down Main Street!
3. Instagram. Instagram. Maybe a bit of Facebook and a couple of Snaps. You get the picture (pun intended)!

Between your photos and the live Go Pro video we provide, you’ll be able relive your unforgettable Bachelorette Party!



For the main event of the evening!

Enjoy a last hurrah with the boys before the big day!

We can fit your whole crew for a good ol’ pub crawl!


A unique way to move guests around while being able to make the most of the time together! Everyone will face each other on the Pedal Party as our drivers will take care of the rest! Your wedding celebration will be like no other!

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